Wednesday, July 11, 2012

That one time he posted at midnight.

It's been entirely too long since you've gotten a blog from me, period.  But I don't think I've ever done a post this late in the evening before. Even when Joy was pregnant, I was able to sleep until 4 AM before whatever it was woke me up. Now, I have at least two more things that wake me up.

You know...THESE guys:

Right now, I have Cowboy on the floor next to me. He woke up crying at 11:30. I tried to calm him down in the recliner but no dice. I try putting him back in the crib with a pacifier and again no dice. He's not tired right now so I have him laying on the man cave floor.

About 5 minutes ago, he let's fly with an epic burp. In the context of a mostly dark room with only the faint glow of the monitor before more, it was almost other-worldly.

"That's my boy" was the first natural thought.

This is the first time this has happened  in a while. The boys have become very good as of late with sleeping from 7:30 PM to 7:00 AM with nary a peep.

In other news, events of the 2nd Movements are closely monitored since they happen fairly infrequently. One of my friends had posted to Facebook that she was learning about "baby poop" so I thought to chime in with some of my observations.  The she mentioned that her first child was a clockwork regular pooper. She said her child pooped three times a day at 4 hour intervals for over a year as an infant. I could not believe it. I mean, you live with what you know because you don't know any better, but 3 poops a day for over a year?!? I was astounded. Still kind of am, I guess, since I dedicated a whole paragraph to another person's baby poop story.

But please note, that does not mean I want to hear MORE baby poop  stories. I get enough quips from people just taking them through the mall. Since I'm now Mr. Twincredible, I like to see what people say to me when I walk past them. Because it's twin baby boys, I often get approached (Ladies, back off, I'm taken!). Most people comment on how much work it looks like it is or how cute they are (much rarely it is stated as to how cute I am).  I won't forget what happened as I was exiting Arrowhead Mall a couple of months ago, and a mid-40s woman walks up to me and says, "Wow, you got the easy ones."

I kinda look at her incredulously and she follows up with,"Yeah, I have two sets (of twins). Boys are easier."

I stood there for a half second while I processed that. So far, that stands as the "top oneupmanship" comment that I've heard. I'm not sure oneupmanship is a real word but at 12:05 AM on Wednesday, I don't much care.

OK, now onto the pictures and hopefully I can get Cowboy back the heck to sleep.

Tiger chews on the strap for his high chair. He's got four teeth now.

Cowboy shows off his big blue eyes.

Cowboy splashes in the water in mid-June. The boys...they love the water.

Tiger shows off his winning look in the pool.

Cowboy splashes near Mommy.

Tiger might be getting wore out.

Just teasing!

Lately my glasses and my beard are attractants to babies' hands.

I get everybody's faces headed the right direction and a cute shot is captured.
Well, I think that's enough from the desk of Mr. Twincredible.


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Kirk1970 said...

You have definitely been OneUpped by the lady at the mall! Wow!

Dem boys really, really love that pool!!! Great weather for a pool in the southwest USA.