Friday, June 22, 2012

Twincredibles hit the pool!

So a couple of weeks ago, we finally took the plunge and put the kids in the pool.

We've lived in this house since September 2007, and in that time, I can count on my two hands how many times we've used the pool. However, if I contrast that with amount of time I've spent maintaining the pool then it gets ridiculous. I have probably spent on average 30 minutes once a week maintaining the pool.

But we have a pool, we have babies, and we were going to put them in the pool. We got the boys in their swimsuits, got them to wear their sunglasses and grabbed some floaties (which are toys, not life-saving devices kiddos, FYI). We mobilized the towels and sunblock and headed outside.

Now, some of you are familiar with the weather here in Arizona. Well, a few weeks ago, it was above 100 degrees with no humidity. Well, our pool and deck stays in the sun for most of the day, so that supposed "cool deck" was very hot so we wore our flip flops to the edge of the pool.

I went in the water first and then Joy handed me a child. She then stepped in with the other. We're playing around with them and their kicking and stuff and Joy says,"You really should go get your camera".

I think that's a brilliant idea so I put Cowboy in a floatie and then put Tiger in a floatie and Joy retains possession. I quickly towel off and run in a grab my small point-and-shoot and a Ziploc bag. I put the camera in the Ziploc and head outside.

I snapped away with the camera in the bag and without the bag.

Basically, taking those kids into the pool for the first time made all the time and money spent to keep the pool in good condition seem like the best investment ever.

We will be adding a pool fence to the pool in the next couple of weeks and we'll have a water safety program but I'm sure there's always more to be done in the name of safety. We'll just have to smart about it and stuff.

OK, so onto the pictures:

Cowboy chillaxes properly in the pool 

Mom and her boys.

Tiger is pretty amazed, like, "Dude!"

Tiger splashes in his floatie. They kicked and swatted at all the water.

Tiger looks over at Mom and Cowboy

Picture from inside the Ziploc bag as Tiger makes a look and Mom looks on.

Sealing the ziploc, I have a submersible digital camera. It's very blue down under the water.

Cowboy laughs at Daddy

Daddy hangs on to Cowboy as he starts to kick away.

Legs in motion.

Legs churning.

Cowboy is getting tired and lays back.
 The following week, we went into the pool again.
Cowboy looks around.

Tiger works on his "Ladies" look.

Having fun, Cowboy splashes and kicks

Both boys heads are aligned in the same direction, I think this was when Joy was doing her firedancing dance.

I pose with my boys!

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Wendy said...

Those are some pretty adorable pictures. I love the little baby sunglasses!