Saturday, April 28, 2012

A story of last night

I'm hoping that this is going to be an epic entry. We'll see. I'll tell the story and you be the judge.

We have recently been giving the Twincredibles solid foods. Well, not solid per se, but completely pureed into a liquefied state. It's kind of amazing to see normal foods transformed into brightly colored mashes like sweet potatoes and butternut squash. 

We started them on rice cereal first that was fortified with their formula. We did that at 7 PM every night for a week. And then we started on sweet potatoes. You can probably remember how big a fan Tiger is of sweet potatoes. Well, then last week, we started them on butternut squash. 

One other thing has been happening since we started feeding them solid foods. Tiger has been reluctant to poop. If he was doing Morse Code in his diaper, it would be a series of 'S"...OK, let me clear, he's been dotting his diaper. You know, the kind of diapers that makes you think that you did not get your money's worth out of said diaper. 

Well, the last couple of days, he's been expressing himself and wriggling around a lot so we kind of figured out that he was constipated. We had been giving him about an ounce of prune juice in his 8 PM bottle every night for several months now. Just to help things along as it were. Well, we noticed it wasn't really working for him. So lately we have been giving him a little water and straight prune juice (if you were to order in a bar, it would be "prune juice, straight up, neat").

Yesterday, he was not having a very good day. He cried almost constantly and the only way to keep him calm was to walk him around. Grandma and Grandpa said that they may have to get new shoes for as much as they walked him yesterday. Grandma gave him an ounce of prune juice yesterday morning. I gave him an ounce and a half before we fed him the butternut squash. He ate pretty well and we got the final bottle started.

As I'm feeding him the bottle, I notice his stomach is very hard. Like he was *backed up*. So I stop feeding him because I don't think that will help and I massage his stomach and work his legs for a little bit. He's not really fussy but he isn't real happy either. Joy puts Cowboy to sleep in the crib and I bring Tiger in the man cave while I play Skyrim. 
"No, officer, these aren't mine. I'm holding them for a friend."
He stays quiet for a while until he finally starts crying. I probe the edge of his diaper. Before I quite get a finger in there, I can see that the edge of the diaper is discolored. So I know.

I put him down on the blanket and go grab some wipes and a fresh diaper, thinking that this is going to be a manageable affair. I get down on the floor with the supplies and then unsnap his onesie and undo the diaper. I barely get the front flap pulled up when I see that he has released his inner demons. I quickly get the diaper covered back up, walk back towards the nursery and changing table, call to Joy telling her that she has *GOT* to see this. 

We stage the patient on the changing table and Joy backs me up with some wipes at the ready. I undo the diaper again and then we see that his undercarriage is unwipeable. We wipe off what we can but there's just. so. much. 

I decide he's going to take a bath. I carry him (with his onesie still half-on) into the bathroom and Joy asks me if we use the small tub or not. I say no, I'm going to put him in the main tub. I have him corralled with one arm as I wrestle the water taps to get the water the right temp. This, of course, takes forever because I have a half-naked, half-pooped baby in one arm and I'm testing the water with my other hand. I finally get the water to a good temp and put him in there. I finally get the onesie off (with one hand!). Joy hands me a washcloth and we are able to get the poop washed off his undercarriage and legs and feet. I then quickly soap him up and wash off his body after the "code brown" water had been evacuated. Joy's ready with a towel and I hand her a wet but clean baby.

I clean up myself and wash my hands and arms while Joy dries off and clothes Tiger. During this time, with all the shenanigans ongoing, Cowboy had woken up. We had to calm him down and were successful. We had to calm Tiger down too from his dash to the bath. But after some time with their pacifiers they quieted down and went to sleep. 

I walked out of the nursery with Joy behind me. She softly closed the door and we quietly laughed and went "Wow!"

All's well that ends well though. Joy and her mother went to the PVMOM spring sale and so I had the boys this morning. I grabbed our alternate stroller and took the boys on a brief walk after their morning 
Cowboy and Tiger looking super cute in their very own Jeep...stroller.

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Phyllin phat said...

Wow, how the little guy never runs for president, because this will come back to haunt him. Hahah!! I loved it- I visualized every second of it.